Monday, February 04, 2008

Multiple instruction terrified

I wonder how my duck is doing now?

From radio 4 (8pm to 9pm wasteland), a new movement in social science: "Children speak through duck"; a way of getting children to testify by subsuming their defences into an anthropomorphised third party.

"Duck says he is angry."

That's ineffably sad. So social worker shits parameterise children's imaginations into one more, little more disintegrating recollection. Well done you. Don't you remember how big the worlds you could make from little things: cardboard boxes, newspapers and biros, when you were nine or ten; then you could make reeling empires.

And you have to ground them, discharge the idea, sap its power, by triangulating it in your little wireframed diagram of inputs and outputs.

Well, you're all breathy and assiduous masturbators. Hot-eyed socialist fascists, breaking and braking.

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