Friday, July 27, 2007

Nearly got the state of the nation

Picture 1.png

Google Analytics points out the continuing struggle to win the hearts and minds of the parvenu colonials (more green=more hits).

Need to find some way of attracting the mid-west.

Marshmallow-stuffed turkey? Because I know you have fairly disgusting diets out there in the nasty blank miles of between.

Or maybe I should find god? (Stuck to my sole).

Rant incoherently for a while on plainly daft theories of ontology and epistemology? (How do I know I'm evolved from slime-mould?). Or is that too up its own fundamentalism?

So if you have a friend (or a backwoods flange of interbred cousins you don't talk about) in the dead miles between cities, drop them a carrier pigeon and get them to access my blog (with their steam-driven Babbage engines, or hay-built abaci), let some slightly dingy British rain into their golden-corn lives.

Also, it appears I'm not appealing to the redneck constituency. What's the matter with y'all? Too busy fucking your sisters?

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