Thursday, November 27, 2008

radon tweets

Dictionary of words that don't describe themselves:heterologous. For all words that do: homologous. Which dictionary is heterologous in?

I belong to the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. I maybe lonely, can't decide.

Clearly I am maths geek

Diskgrinder's conjecture #2: there's a number big enough to encode every decision you'll ever make. Add that to your friend's big number

Platonic solids, similar to Socratic motions. Both stinky

Turing's halting issue was basically not having a pencil to wind the tape back into the cassette

Diskgrinder's conjecture: every prime number, more than two, sits in the middle of the sum of two powers Fermat thinks don't add up

Also _two_ primes? Like two is an even number, surely that's cheating Mr. Goldbach Conjecture?

It's a proof by induction: even numbers are the sum of 2 primes; every unicorn I ask says so; including the first one.

That was easy because Goldbach's conjecture is a degenerate case of Fermat, if you factor in unicorns

Yep, every even number is the sum of two primes. I have this really nifty proof that doesn't fit in a 140 characters

I just solved Fermat's last theorem. I used the Fibonacci sequence, and the squeeze method between consecutive powers. Top! Now for Goldbach

And in other news, unicorns spent spent all last night dancing with care bears
As it walks there's a cold slap, one two, left then right, but dragging one behind, as that one leaks
Headlights sweep by, lighting up the gravel and weeds, and occasionally catching sparks in the tiny black eyes in its round white head.
It got to the road, but leaving bloody bits of it behind. Its teeth, its eyes, glinting. I think it's smiling

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