Sunday, March 09, 2008

mild side-effect

Of mild depression (or general pissed-offness as it is technically referred to technically) is the wish, every now and then, to have invented anti-gravity. To be so full of misdirected energy, with no focus, that maybe just using it to lift yourself, without touch on any ground-based thing, a couple of feet (a metre metric) off the sofa would dissipate the sparking in your brain - channelling that English head charge into better avenues (tree-lined at least).

Or run up a wall.

Or jump up high with no down, just keep going, until the wind got thin, and you were above the herring-boned altonimbus, and only space-junk to avoid (laser platforms and dead monkeys in strait-jackets in red rockets).

Or, just say fuck it, do another day.

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