Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I see Bêbe in my delirium

I'm dreaming, and I see her accept me back. There's a smile and some sunshine there. It's ineffably sad that this is just a dream - my brain, firing dopamine and serotonin in equal measure, trying, in sleep, to make me feel better. So I see her smiling, though she never did in real life. I see her saying things that are complimentary to me, though she never did.

And then I wake a little, and she's there (looking pissed off and impatient) over me, and she's saying this:

  • Don't die, boy
  • Don't go away
  • Yet
  • We still have to find Fusel
  • Now I've found you

I tell her I'm fine, so she sticks her index finger in the wound in my side and says, "not so fine."

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