Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Got home today

Nobody home, didn't think there would be.

After I got out of Toswania (curled up in the hollowed out hump of a dying camel) I took the Blue East route on a clipper. The crew were ok, except for the one-eyed guy with the lice.

I got ashore on Port Mouth Sound, the incurrence for Blankland. The customs assholes were, well, assholes. But I expected that, and so made sure I was clean.

I will now write a letter to Bêbe, and somehow explain how and why I fucked off so quickly.

But for now I will have a cup of tea and reflect on imaginary travels.

There's a knock at the door just as the kettle whistles. I have that moment of indecision (like dogs wagging tails, who can't choose between equal enticements), and then decide (turn gas off, answer door).

It's Fusel.

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