Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On a plane tomorrow

Fusel1 has arranged that we travel the next leg of the tour by twin-prop Leitmotif. This fills me with fear.

The Leitmotif, a flying toilet manufactured in thousands in the dogend of the 40s during the Glorious Reconstruction: when south Albonia was blasted, depopulated, and choked with rusting martial ironmongery and therefore useless; so the north got 5 year planned. Industrialised, strip-mined, stuck full of groaning machinery, and so made in the image of the south.

Heavy rivetted Leitmotifs, engines sugar-glued to sagging wings, were spat out of the mills one after the other (or sometimes four at once), painted with big red stars, pimpled with glassene gun turrets and launched into the air to patrol the skies in ugly, coughing bulldog circles.

Well, I'm travelling in one of those tomorrow.

There is a bonus - Fusel insists that the yaks (Steve and Boris) have to come with us. He wasn't expecting argument because he booked the yaks' flight the same time he booked ours. Fusel says they'll have to travel first class. Because, it was all so last-minute, and the last two tickets for the cargo hold had gone. I was ok with that 'til I found out what part of the plane me and Fusel are to travel in.

1not his real name

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