Sunday, March 07, 2010

About to start

1000 words a day

It may take some time working up to that, but then the figured climb may take some reasoned acclimatisation there

It's not like I can think of anything that would engender 1000 words of coherent thought

Back up and beholden to the reek of conscionable ideals, each less well than the last

That's an overuse of the intellect, right there. Why does it seem that an attribution or situation is any better told by my drunken brother safe in his cups, than me, plying the trade of intoxicated vigour.

I should put a question mark after that, but have run out of cigarettes and alcohol so therefore won't.

Maybe I'll revisit Albonia (link) where I managed to put in all the various wholes that weren't half summed by bright realisation.

Means and averages - Darwin couldn't work out why natural selection didn't average out until it's found the bland answer to grass and tree, or the desert, is the solution: a million miles of altruistic vegetable colluding in succour of light.

Why there had to be spikes of predator, as the Origin of the Species neither explains speciation nor justifies diversity.

This base algorithm of blind science when put up against the rolling eye of omniscient purpose (though purpose for what).

Teleology is opposed to atheism as it seeks to find purpose in the little waves of everything breaking, yet that striving for explanation is in itself a contradiction.

Why bother investigating the panoply of undiscovered purpose if there is a purpose? Surely best to ride along without self-engendered moral compass, as fairy belief moves you on anyway?

Why disinter the ghosts encrypted in tombs of text if all they say is what you already know? What special knowledge of unknowingness marks you out as better able to map ignorance?

Who gives a fuck what the dead sea scrolls say, if all they do is reinforce the shuttered acceptance of mystery still in suburban redoubts?

Why would you give a fuck about the revealed truth, if you believed anyway?>

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