Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brick indecision

Coming up against a utopian architect's wish to narrow my avenue through the spaces he designed in my estate

I see his wish to make me turn this particular corner and marvel at this brutalist curve of ideology written in piss-poor false to materials build in shit and gypsum

Is ignored by me and everyone other than tramps and muggers who either piss or lurk in the shadow of the overarching concept

And that's an easy shame

That this was so easy to fuck up

That you could think that your modular architecture, just by the shapes

You'd make people live in

Would make us all shiny

Well, you turned out to be stupid cunts, didn't you?

And not because central planning is broken

Just because some venal apparatchik will find a way to graft the play

Shame. It was such a nice ideal that looked good in drawings where the sun shined on sketches of trees and stick figures

And then, well then

There's still something monumental and fucking fantastic about that idea in blueprint

Gross piles of shuttered concrete spined by cheap rebar

Not as fucked as the consensual opinion would have it

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