Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For limiting values of

I was almost a proper mathematician.

Pure, of course (fuck that grubbling around in stochastic shite). I did the graph theory and the algebraic topology. I can tell you how to catch a rubber band around a doughnut manifold, but with symbols and proofs.

So, I have this analytical way of dissecting everything I spend time looking at.

And then being right.

That's annoying.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Atheism and politeness

I have to admit I'm in something of quandary here. I'm a complete, fundamentalist atheist. I brook no religious guff, and have minimal respect for the idea of any authoritarian (responsibility abrogating) deity up on the celestial pole; perched like a glowering crow on the conical point of believer's concentrated hopes (so that's a pole with a cone on it then).

However, I have religious friends, and friends who have fathers as vicars - and they're all really nice.

So, I'm British, and politeness is more important than principle always (and I could give a sound philosophical basis for that, but that may be presumptuous of me).

So I'll wring my hands and hope I haven't upset you too much when I tell you the core of your life, your most cherished belief is, to me, on a par with animism, astrology, and the belief that black cats and ladders can affect your life profoundly.

I don't want to piss you off, you all seem like really nice guys, excepting, of course, the spittle-flecked window-licker fundamentalist creationist idiot fuckheads amongst you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trouble fuck to-do list GTD taskpaper

As you all know. Each of you have your own spiky thorns in your metaphoric pants.

Clearly, you need to divest yourselves of the spiky-thorn-pant thing.

How should we do that? I hear you ask. In fact demand.

Here's my to-do list of GTD spiky-thorn-pant issue resolution:

  • Download the latest GTD application to your iPhone
  • Fiddle with that for about an hour: set some contexts; pinch some overviews; swipe some goals; above all, do that lip-sucking typy touchscreen thing inputting all your to-dos in before you realise it synchs with OmniFracas
  • Download OmniFracas
  • Marvel at its intuitive interface
  • Don't open it for a month; shit, now it's expired
  • Zero inbox your inbox
  • Read every email in the trash
  • Print out the tiny list paper foldy thing to-do list
  • Realise you're not a twat
  • Screw it up and throw it in the fire (if you wrote anything on it you will get a MOMENTARY sense of closure)
  • Send yourself increasingly sweary post-dated emails
  • Stack bills behind the biggest ornament you have on your mantelpiece


  • Keep on keeping on
  • Occasionally apologise for not having done whatever the fuck it was

Oh, and change your pants

Friday, June 05, 2009

Shibboleth nano perspective

Tiny eye that sees little in this narrow purview. Mainlining fighting series of major highs. Spam.