Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trouble fuck to-do list GTD taskpaper

As you all know. Each of you have your own spiky thorns in your metaphoric pants.

Clearly, you need to divest yourselves of the spiky-thorn-pant thing.

How should we do that? I hear you ask. In fact demand.

Here's my to-do list of GTD spiky-thorn-pant issue resolution:

  • Download the latest GTD application to your iPhone
  • Fiddle with that for about an hour: set some contexts; pinch some overviews; swipe some goals; above all, do that lip-sucking typy touchscreen thing inputting all your to-dos in before you realise it synchs with OmniFracas
  • Download OmniFracas
  • Marvel at its intuitive interface
  • Don't open it for a month; shit, now it's expired
  • Zero inbox your inbox
  • Read every email in the trash
  • Print out the tiny list paper foldy thing to-do list
  • Realise you're not a twat
  • Screw it up and throw it in the fire (if you wrote anything on it you will get a MOMENTARY sense of closure)
  • Send yourself increasingly sweary post-dated emails
  • Stack bills behind the biggest ornament you have on your mantelpiece


  • Keep on keeping on
  • Occasionally apologise for not having done whatever the fuck it was

Oh, and change your pants

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