Friday, October 03, 2008

The One Thing

Clearly Chim has to level up at some point. It will happen during a particularly bloody battle: as he smites with Mumpbiter he has introspective moments; things go grainy and black and white and he has an out of body experience.

So he's looking down on himself whirling his sword around his head and shouting in slow motion. And he's talking to this woman who is probably wreathed in glowing stuff, and says gnomic stuff like:

You have the inner thigh of the god of smallness. And you chew through dimensions bordered and caparisoned by the Elder Gods.

Something like that.

He has a sideways revelation during this: he must find (and eat) the One thing. Um, before it's too late. No, sorry, that's not cryptic enough, before the moon kisses the antler of Numptyhammer (better).

He falls back into his soma, and continues with the smiting, but is now slightly wistful as he eviscerates another orc.

At some point he will get covered in shit.

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