Sunday, October 05, 2008

Continuing descent into Albonia

Control the masses with the all consuming self

Make brain-control slug beans, they are good to eat

And then there's mad man dialectic here

Kill, kill them all.

With electricity kept in leyden jars. Or telsa coils.

Hidden inside all human beings are dangerous ideals, repressed because the lizard brain spits venom in their eyes.

And then there was the stabbing and shooting wars. Then there was the potential for the glowing and ashen wars, visited out of the sky with nuclear penises digging in the ground, and making mushroom orgasms above.

Is it not obvious we can tunnel to the moon with $700 bn?

Make an iron highway up through the stratosphere, ignoring or condescending to the high altitude balloons, red Apollo rockets and Leica dogs in spiky satellites.

I have the information. Call me. I won't be in.

I have to get to Albonia

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