Friday, October 17, 2008

Arse biscuits

From a good friend:

What is he,
Oh joyous one.
Long live he,
Lavish me.

Why would I
Care so much?
Is it 'cos
I am lush?

Not at all
He did say
But then why?
Cos you is gay?

No, no, no
Not at all.

But then why?
Well my sir,
So he said,
Long live me
and long live bread

But the bread
Doth run stale
So henceforth
He does smell

what's the point?
Why fight?

No particular reason,
He did say,
Why else argue?
Cos he sways!

What pisses me, 
More than he,
Is the cake
he so likes
What cake likes he?
Well - 
That be the cake
The cake of arse
Arse biscuits
Doth love he.

From arse biscuits, a facebook group

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