Sunday, July 27, 2008

Space aliens visit earth

So says zero G looney tune Dr. Edgar.

This is not news everyone. Space aliens have been probing my anus since 1993. Whitley Schreiber can suck my cock.

I've had greys up my bumhole since the year dot. Flying saucers, cups and teapots all swinging round my village in rural Rutland. They fire over the flatness of Lincolnshire, through the Catmose Vale, looking for lip leakers in pickups.

Got me because I hitched from Leicester to the Oakham, and got picked up by Stanley Bottomley, poacher turned poacher on the Burghley estate.

Quick tractor beam uptake, desultory probe of the arse piece, and then landed back in the high street of Oakham on a Saturday afternoon with my trousers round my ankles.

That was my explanation to the magistrate.

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