Sunday, July 13, 2008

Haven't been writing much lately

I am in the throes (and throws) of giving up smoking (again), and apart from occasional and avoidable relapses it's going ok.

Probably the most difficult thing I'm going to do this year, except for the yoga (and that's only so I can learn to kiss my own elbows, nice elbows).

So, there's not going to be much from me now for a while, until I get that more-oxygen-in-my-bloodstream buzz, so I'm practically levitating with energy.

Plus, the ability to burn things at a distance with my eyes. Feel like I've got lasers in them already.

I've been dribbling on twitter a bit, just to keep my finger in.

And I'll be posing daily photo diary of my battle with the weed here.

Enjoy! I know I won't.

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