Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Externalising iPhone games: recognition server

The iPhone has a camera and is location aware.

iPhone face recognition

So you can take games out of the tiny screen and make them part of the landscape.

I haven't got any particular game ideas (unlike this guy), but just one (other) way to make use of the built-in input stuff is to make the iPhone become a passport for an ARG like experience: recognition server.

Basically the idea is this: you go to a location specified by the game and take a photo of the indicated landmark (or person). The photo is flicked to the recognition server, algorithmic magic ensues, and you get a hit if the landmark (or person) is, er, recognised. For face recognition you could use the touch screen to mark key points: eye centres, mouth corners, and so on.

So, for example, as part of the ARG, you've got to meet someone, you take a photo of that person, and then you get told whether it's the right person.

There could be a real life application for this too: when you register your phone you take a photo of yourself, so at any time subsequently you can affirm ownership via face recognition.

That's it really.

Just one idea occurs: city-wide tennis.

Sorry for the pompous title.

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