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My boy Cass, writes a story

my boy!!

At times of fear and darkness all around,of tales of monsters and ghosts that kill,while you wait in bed from the terrorfying evil that waits for you,just remember its only a story.These were times of magic and objects of power...Let us BEGIN!

Once apon a time (for that is how all stories start)out in the deep dark forests lived an unknown life that lived for years and never seemed to age.

No one could see his face,he wore a hat wich he held down with one hand,he wore a cape with 100 or so pockets full of objects he had stolen as his anti-hero self,his hands were covered with gold gloves so no one could see them.

Everyone knew one thing about him and that was that this life wanted to travel, to run, to journy on towards the moon and the sun, and when he picked that decision he ended up here he had become a criminal for stealing,but he enjoyed that so this is how he had his journey....

He had it!The chest was his!the police running wildly after him, he jumped up to the first branch of a tree as thin as a twig,hah!he was to light for this!He jumped up to the 5th branch and backfliped onto a house."take this message to your king" He said throwing a small note at police standing at the bottom of the tree waving their swords.He jmped over and over buildings laughing triamphuantly. He sat down later in his deserted circle of house all around and opened the chest...he had found the ancient Magician Rod.He wave it swinging down in front of him...nothing happend,"all right,all right,"He said.He focused the thought of hot air of hot fire and waved it...Sparks of fire burst from it light up the circle,spreading the orange liight and shooting up into the air."Well that solves my 'lights out' problem,"He said smiling at the power of the black rod and golden circle at the end.Suddenly He heard a crashing sound and he saw the shade on the floor around him getting darker,he looked up and saw the top of the muesem building falling,falling,falling...CRASH!he jumped aside still holding his hat down,as if a football was falling and he jumped aside as if it was a feather.He sighed,"I was just about to rob that place!"He shouted as if his life was less important then robbing the muesem,the rocks had scattered everywhere,"my precious treasure is ruined!"He said, but he was wrong,the golden light shineing under the rocks was definately the golden hammer,He thought.He lifted up the 1metre wide and tall as if he were picking up a baseball bat,and he did it with his left hand since his right was holding down his hat (honestly!) the hammer was now in his hands and 3 gold stars circled the hammer strengthening the maul with magic he had to concentrate very hard with this one...(2 days later) was night time and the...hmm well he doesn't have a name so lets call him Unknown,anyway,unnown stood on the cafe roof letting the wind blow through him,he turned left...he turned right and jumped at least 5metres wide,then ran at a pace so fast you can't even see him he could outrun bullets from a gun,in the moments of 2 seconds he was at the top of the state empire building over looking the sea,the wind could blow him of the top like a feather but he stood firmly on the floor,eyes closed facing the sunset.

He opened his eyes and looked apon the blue smooth waves,he saw the stars up in the air and the he saw one and it He never found out because the wind had blown SO hard it pushed him forward,"Oh why here!?!"said Unknown sarcastically as he dropped from the top of the death drop high tall building.He simply held out his gold-gloved-hands to the wall and pushed he went flying about 20metres towards the sea and landed on his feet without even having to crouch or move at all, and the moment he landed he walked on,towards the sea ...BANG!"stop right where you are sir we saw you stealing that chest now give the item inside back!"said the police that chased him to the tree.Unknown turned round slowly and looked at the floor with his hat covering his face,and a second later a ninja disc went flying through the air and cut the polices guns in two,and Unknown was already running towards the sea pulling out the maul in one hand and the rod in the other he focused his mind on freezing tempreture(and colder)and a beam of blueish light shot to the sea and immidiately froze a small path of ice on the water.Unknown jumped on the ice and all around him the water froze in a clear circle(he was holding the glowing rod above him)and walked at a slow calm pace,the police ran after him but the second they stepped on it the ice cracked,and there were evil sharks and crabs not far out there so they decided not to chase Unknown but he knew they'de be back.Unknown just never seemed to get tired or cold or hot or get heavy or..anything! He walked along the sea staring ahead and if you could see his face you'de see some shock within it...his dream had come true he was on a journey for a 'Unknown'reason.

Next morning Unknown arrived at a very hot place and he couldn't guess where."Hmmm I'll need a map to navigate where i am,"said Unknown thoughtfully.He looked around and saw some people heading to the right saying"The village is surely this way,"said one."are you sure wait, I can see a sign over there,"said the other.Unknown knew what he had to do,he sped at a good 10 metres away following their direction.10 minutes later he saw a big square building in the distance,and as he got closer he saw people walking around with food from the building and there was a boat near a river behind the building that must be how they got their food.Unknown jumped in a flash to the top of the buildingand pulled out of his belt his little knife wich had been hidden for a long time by his cloak.He looked at the blade"One end can cut through anything the other stops it from being destroyed,"he said, carving a small square in the roof he peaked through and saw the small rectanguler part with all the drinks and people rushing around handing them food in paper packages and drinks in small plastic cups. He jumped down grabbed some food and a drink and cut the pillars down so the couldn't get across and ran out he somersaulted to the river and spoke quietly to himself whispering small enchantments, he drew out his knife once more and threw it up in the air point first then it swung round point falling down and when it was level with his left arm, his other holding his hat down, he grabbed the knife and knelt down and lunged the dagger into the ground walls flew up all around him and hopefully his magic would give him time to get away with the rod giving his magic a boost.Suddenly the walls fell back down and a man in white fancy cloths stood in front of him.For some reason Unknown recognised the man and something about him made him angry so angry he almost lost controll "You look familier" said the man. "and its time you die, those helpfull little police said I could find a decent fight somewhere around here and I guess their life tracking machines worked fine to find where you were, now lets see your skills match this!"said the man making a sword in thin air. "Wow they really have tought you people how to use magic,"said Unknown.The man got into a fighting postion while Unknown just stood there holding his hat down.Then he smiled "You wanna fight then?"said Unknown.he drew his dagger and pointed it straight ahead of him.then they were jumping around slashing at each other,the man running with all his might and fighting with all his strength, while Unknown simply held down his dagger at his side dodging with ease still holding his hat down, "Oh god why should I fight?"said Unknown, and he back-flipped onto the big building and stood there.That made the man angry"They dont call me a magiciation for nothing!" said the man snapping his fingers making stairs form towards Unknown.But when he ran up in a sudden second a silver blur whooshed past the man and he froze suddenly and fell to his knees but obviously it would take more and Unknown caught the silver blur with his left hand as it swung round back to him like a boomerang, the man stood up very angry now, but still he said not a word.He charged at Unknown and as he slashed forward Unknown moved to his right, and as the sword touched the ground Unknown said "cabara ethlor," and the blade stuck in the ground the stone bonding with it. The man pulled and tugged and heaved but it was firmly wedged in with the stone and none of his magic could undo this.He was immediatley samshed off the roof to the floor and he wasn't getting up "I'll kill you later not really worried about it right now,"said Unknown and he jumped as far as he had last time and landed in the boat,and if he had not done so before then he would have been killed the whole building collapsed on top of the man leaving nothing but cracked stones and dust.When Unknown saw this he realised something but people were already charging at him so he propelled forward and was going to think about it after he had set up camp.

1 hour later Unknown was sitting on a tree stump with a blazing fire in front of him and the food packaging open next to him,he was staring into the fire or he would be if he hadn't got his hat on but he never slept so he never removed it.His thought were all wandering around his mind none making sense,why were all these buildings collapsing?who was that man who had spoke of the police?what was this maul he had found really for?more and more questions swelled around his head and then one question really made him think about his past,what was that black star? He had seen it before, and soon he remembered asking a man about advise for when he was going to his circle of houses"theres one star up there for bad luck if you have seen it before bad things will happen later,"said the man.that star he had seen before was his main question because it would bring bad luck and destruction,then a memorey of his came to him,"here take this note its the name of that black star if you ever forget its name."said a familier voice he couldn't remember. he searched in his pockets and finally pulled out a small peice of paper and read out the name of the star,'Dark Ederethgar'.

proud as punch

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