Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm playing black


I am liking this game a whole lot. It ebbed and flowed, and had a to and fro thing going on for a while. White is a good player, but inexperienced, I am mediocre but have played for thirty-five years, so it's evenly balanced.

My attack has developed out of an early excursion by white's queen down the queen-side.

But, there's some tricky moves left.

Getting to be good.

I'll post the pgn when it's finished.


Balls to pgn, here's the way it got to here:

And it ended:

  1. Kc1 - c4
  2. Qe3 - N(c)d4
  3. Qd2 - Ra1++

Could have gone on longer, but I'd have nabbed white's black bishop and still have a strong attack.

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