Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love the intermaweb

I just came across one of the funniest things I have read on teh internets in a long time.

I read FSJ on many occasions. The stuff is good but the comments occassionally approach genius. On this post a person called Acap wrote this gem:

I know, most consumers would have the best comfortable computers for prices as low as possible. But Apple helps to sell "MicrosoftJunkware" as long the real Appleprices don't come lower. You will see, Microsoft will be in two years or lesser more over than it is today, when quality software from Apple can run without restrictions in usual price segments. For the incorrigible snobs, Apple can sell beside still along exclusive pieces knitted with diamonds, mahaghoni, gold or special art inlayed designs from picasso, modigliani, cezanne, van gogh asl. if it must bee, or intarsias with wood from the from humans ripped rain-forrests. The american spacecraft can go to forreign planets like the moon to keep some original moonstones if apple planes one day to give away a real Apple with real moonstone-design for one of this some incorrigible snobs on earth. If it must bee i can offer some artists excrement that Apple can melting that down in acrylcase. I' ve also some sampled cork from many years before for recycling in reserve if this peoples from the prosperityclass wish to have. Why don't offer Apple Cupertino tomorrow "the shit your own design Apple" on the free market place. It wounds me really.

That is fantastic. I don't agree with the sentiment. But that's just fab.

Needless to say, I immediately replied:

Acap! Hi! I too have nasty in my earbones from bad apple barrel. They are harping on thing that boils my blood. We too have same corruption incoming from Curpetino attorney ceasing our desists. They are making farts at funeral and giggling into plastic cups they have kool aid in. No. Really. I've been here.

And I really, really, have to say, I wasn't taking the piss. I just love this invented dialect.

More please Acap.

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