Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sometimes I understand what it is to be right wing

Sometimes I can just about understand those fuckwit mouthbreathers when I re-read the Lensman series by E.E. 'doc' Smith, doughnut scientist and librettist for space opera without equal.

Guns, individualism and a juvenile optimism. All good and life-affirming. There I can see the frontier spirit. But then I retract, and realise I am fundamentally Boskone - evil, collectivist and power hungry, living on an ice planet, impatiently waiting for the second galaxy to collide.

Kim Kinnison and Worsel, heroes for a grimy youth in the seventies concrete nasty forever England.

However, I remember the seventies in England differently - there were long hot summers there, and reeks full of shrimps and gudgeon. Red ants to chase with magnifying glasses, I/32nd scale blue plastic soldiers and action man and Airfix Lancaster bombers.

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