Monday, January 07, 2008

"And then I will stab you in the eye"

Says Fusel. Like I needed another right angle digression from the case in point.

I'm just having tea with a man I saw killed up a mountain with a bullet in the head, that made his mouth spout blood, and he's not even slightly ethereal. In fact, he's solid and in front of me, filling up the boundaries of his inhabited space with real three-dee thereness.

I ask him how he does that, the being there, drinking from a little cup, when he should be rotting (slowly) somewhere cold.

He doesn't answer and instead does that (irritating) Fusel thing - a kind of peasant condescension, the disdain of the stupid for something not understood. Maybe it's just me, but I think he is a fucking idiot, who can't stay long dead. So I ask him why he's doing the revenant thing. And that's when he says "And then I will stab you in the eye."

This is exasperating, it's meant to be (I think) both ominous and portentous (two words meaning the same thing, surely one should be in redundancy consultancy).

And he drinks his tea.

At some point I think I will start shouting.

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