Sunday, November 11, 2007

My end bone is dislocated from my start bone

Went to Dr. Oesophagus with this complaint and he was no use, told me to get out of his brass and glass office in two small licketysplits and no mistake (fucker).

So I went to the homeopathic wino on East Street (the drunkard who subsists on tiny amounts of meths diluted in buckets of rain) and asked him if he could reconnect the start and end in my bone.

He too fucked me off with dribbling accusations of time-wasting, that he had not heard, because no-one speaks at him no more, of this abreaction I am reporting.

So then I walked up St. Michael's Hill, hoping to see something complete and accurate reveal in steps above the horizon. Didn't happen. Instead I saw the demons laying waste to Cotham Brow (Bristol, UK).

So, still have no ligature binding the start to the end. Bones coming apart.

Eventually found the cure, in the eighties bin of a record store.

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