Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fractional decisions

when added together make a whole one.

I've been in a daze since I escaped from the hole, and Menino has been good to me. When I woke up, he'd cleaned the blood and bits of skull and brain off the gun I stole, and laid it by my side. So when I woke up with a start, and gripped my hand tight and finding no metal there, it only took a moment to be reassured.

He says we should go to the Agora (market) soon, because he needs some stuff, and he feels safer if I'm there.

This makes me feel good.

But, I've come to a conclusion, I can't keep on having things decided for me - the incremental descent has to stop, and so I have to, at some point, think of a plan and act on it.

Or, fuck it, I'll just see what happens.

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