Sunday, August 19, 2007

An aside on the Svalti diet

It's shit. Mainly herrings, onions and yak in a sauce that is mostly salty water. Vodka hag came round with a bucket and a ladle whilst we waited. I got a chipped enamel plate, and she heaped the crap out of her bucket in there. Bêbe and Fusel, both with the same shit steaming in plates take spoons from the breast pockets of their (identical) tunics.

Fusel asks me why I don't eat, and I tell him because I don't have a spoon and can I use his when he's finished? He goes a bit red in the face, and says, "no! You think I am a gayer?"

Bêbe says I can use hers. And she winks when she says it.

I don't think the Svalts are pale because the sun up here is shallow, and most of the year hidden behind the Southwall glacier.

No, it's because they eat transparent food: see-through fish and onion skins.

Other than the purple red of yak sausage (where they get their anger from) there's no colour in their diet, and therefore no emotion.

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