Friday, June 15, 2007

I am circumspect about this

When you get into someone's head, you put a little homunculus of yourself in there - a puppet you no longer control. When that voodoo-doll of you starts to separate from the immediate you, that you, yourself, know and love, then that's where the picture breaks. Like you have this self-image that grows with you, but the snapshot in that someone's head doesn't keep up. You're not the person they have in mind; you've gone on, and not in the direction they thought you should. So, now you realise your petty invasion is outdated, but you can't claim any sovereignty over that part of their thinking life - that would be wrong and bad. That's it, they have a starring role in the movie of themselves, and you're a bit-part player.

metaphor mix: clay doll; photograph; movie. There's some development of motion there.

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