Wednesday, May 30, 2007

mathMeme 2064

Time clicked, the field coalesced to single bright point and they were left behind, like a cheap magic trick. They were standing in front of a long low building in a run-down borough of Larger-London. It was early morning and the streets were deserted, but the doors were open, and martial music could be heard faintly. Open 24-7 for cannon-fodder, thought Time-Sergeant Smith.

Dr. Carrington, obviously still ill with the memory-wipe, staggered against her.

"Where am i?"

"You're sick, I'm taking you to a place where you can be helped," she said.

"Miss Smith, who am I?"

"Start imprint," she was careful to pronounce the syllables clearly and slowly; the viral nano-tech she had implanted had had enough time and could understand.

"You are a forty year old unemployed technician. You have no social connection. You have decided to enlist with the drones. The promise of a fresh start and an 18 year old clone body after 4 years indenture is attractive to you. You have nothing to lose...", she looked closely, his pupils were dilated and his breathing slow and steady, the nano-tech had embedded into motor-control and was mainlining her words directly to his amygdala, "... you have decided that you can serve your world in the Ascension War. The year is 2064."

Which is ironic, she thought, given, that if I hadn't excised you from your time splice, the Ascension would have started in 1914, because of you..

"Your name is Clement, which is old-fashioned, but..." I'll leave you with that at least, ".. but," and she looked into his eyes, "you love me." What the fuck am I saying?

"Now turn around and walk into that building," he turned slowly, "go to the recruiter and tell her you want to enlist. That you know what it means, and that you want to serve your world."

Dr. Carrington, just plain Clement now, stumbled forward, but as he got to the wide and bright doors he turned, "I will remember" he said, and, for a moment, Smith was uncomfortable, but then chose to dismiss the words as hysteresis - a mental loop-back winding down.

no you won't, and disappeared in a single bright point.

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