Friday, May 04, 2007


I do that vanity thing where I google diskgrinder just to see if I'm intertube neutral (you know, not contributing more emmisions than I should, or something).

There must be a better phrase:

  • Web footprint (wank)
  • Web arse print (funny, not likely to catch on)
  • Internet arse print (still funny)
  • <profile/> (geek wank)
  • User 2.0 (really wank)
  • The-list-of-results-I-get-when-I-google-my-name-otron (the winner!)

With the unusual spelling the results list is interleaved with the following two:

  1. A drunken comment I have made on a forum late one night
  2. Misspelt ramblings from DIY enthusiasts

My favourite result is "Beware if you see someone fit a post with a gross tool like a diskgrinder." from this guy, a musical instrument craftsman, a luthier.

I'd never actually followed the link, imagining that it was something to do with sharpening fence posts with a diskgrinder, which sort of makes sense. But no, she's talking about sound posts (podcasts?).

Anyway, now I know I'm a gross tool.

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