Friday, July 06, 2007


Sometimes I imagine I have subtitles, just below my waist - if it's a midshot. If it's an establishing shot then whoever else is in the frame may have some words too. These would be in a different colour; so you can tell who's saying what (if they're hard of hearing they may say what quite often). The colour will follow that protagonist throughout the show: it's a consistent motif to help the audience. I've been followed by a colour, but I have special moves and I was able to lose the hue at an intersection.

Sometimes I'll be doing something and I'll get crash-zoomed to a close-up of my hands (in general, the agent of the doing). This I can cope with, it's the jump-cuts that are difficult. The intervening time is lost: I have no recollection of the minutes edited out; I don't get to choose the cuts, the editor does not consult me. This can be handy when explaining things to the police, particularly if the plot needs moving forward but some mystery needs preserving.

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